Over the last several years, I have used gradient compression therapy tights frequently to reduce the delayed onset soreness and speed overall recovery. With most things in life, being busy and on a time crunched schedule drastically reduces the convenience of putting on the compression tights. This can be quite difficult especially when you just finished a workout and you’re getting ready to go to work or run the kids to school or sporting program. This inconvenience is a part of being an athlete and regular compression therapy is a key element in the athletes recovery from training. You can’t win races or improve your fitness and strength unless you recover quickly and efficiently.

One of the newer therapy technologies that have made things easier and more for me to do 1 to 2 times for day is dynamic pneumatic (air) compression recovery boots. The boots are backed by research and trials and show that with consistent regular use post workout they reduce lactic acid buildup, delayed onset soreness, venous blood pooling, lymphatic drainage and physiologically prepares you for your next workout.

These external dynamic compression boots work well typically the top 3 are Rapid Reboot, Air Relax and Normatec. There are three different modes that consist of varying degrees of chamber inflating which alternate between beginning all the way to the end, different levels of alternating through the whole cycle or just inflating each chamber from inferior to superior to the body depending on what level of benefit the athlete chooses. Each mode has a physiological response that it will increase in the body’s natural mechanism cardiovascular circulation system. For each mode has different names from pulsing, peristaltic/recovery or gradient/distal release. These dynamic compression boots are so much easier to use than getting in a extremely tight pair of compression garments. All it takes is put your legs in the boots, choose your mode and press on the machine. It works automatically and is set for different pressures or time between 10, 20 or 30 minutes. These time frames will vary based upon your allowed time for the day, the intensity of your workout or the overall benefit athlete desires. Using the dynamic compression boots are a key element in the athletes recovery and should or can be used approximate 1 to 2 times per day. There are varying degrees of cost ranging from around $400-$1500 with some that are obviously quite affordable and the higher and more expensive item with complete extremity options also.

Dynamic compression boots have become a integral part of my recovery reducing muscular soreness and increasing my overall performance as a older and more experienced athlete I become.