Over the last 35 years, Squats has been an Essential part of my strength, power and overall longevity fitness since my teenage days with Dr. Fed Hatfield and Tom Platz. Over these years, I’ve had episodic flare-ups of back issues that have been treated with Chiropractic care and some exercise/deep tissue massage therapy. While I truly believe the number one exercise with Proper Technique and Training is the Squat, the alternative of the belt squat has become a essential accessory training tool from this point on in my career.

The Belt Squat allows you to perform high levels of targeted training on the hips and thighs without an axial load or compressive the strain on the lumbar spine. As a Chiropractor,  my excitement on this type of training tool without stressing the back will drastically improve the quality of your workouts,  muscle growth stimulation and the ability to intensely train your Legs without injuring your back.

The belt squat it is simple to use with the weight resting on the hips/pelvis, were you able to attach dumbbells, kettle bells or plates through a series of either chains, pins or even the highly touted belt squat machine. I use the Belt Squat Belt from Spud Inc with accessory pin attachment while standing on the Titian Fitness X Adjustable platform. While as I said the number one exercise as an athlete is the Squat, I feel that the ability to reduce pressure on the spine while maximizing the weighted load on the legs will truly bring your leg Workouts and muscle growth stimulation to the next level. The amount of pain and lactic acid buildup in you Quads you will have from Belt squats will truly take you to the next level in your workouts. I do feel that the Belt squat is essential training gear for all types of athletes whether recovering from an injury, competitive power lifting or just the person like myself who wants to stay in top level fitness.