The Happy Athlete recognizes the latest technology, innovations and sports nutrition products. We would love opportunity to have you advertise on our site.

We do have a few options. The Happy Athlete accepts Ads that are related to health fitness and/or our consumer base. Our Audience loves… giveaways and contests, typically a contest that is sponsored usually has a minimum value of around $500 that can go up to even higher Prize award. Our response in the past has been excellent for contest audience participation.

While we have a very beginning following, it is consistently growing month by month. Google analytics are available by request. Additionally, our Facebook followers around 52,000 along with twitter at 26,000 as our traffic geographic is divided worldwide.

You do have the ability for geo targeted Ads for your specific region or country also.

We do support different formats which premium is the skyscraper bar or footer and the upper/lower bars (affordable). The Happy Athlete prefers a conservative Ad that doesn’t have blinking or crazy distractions either. Costs are reasonable and competitive with rates in other comparable sites.

Typical sizes are:

  • Skyscraper at 460 x 90
  • Upper side bar is 300 x 250
  • Lower side bar is 300 x 250
  • Footer 970 x 250

For web advertising please contact